How to keep your social media shame in check during the holidays

Social media is really fun during the holidays because everyone is actively sharing their festive decorations and projects. But, on the flip side, it can also be brutal. After all, the meme “nailed it” (Pinterest projects gone horribly wrong) became very popular for a reason.

How to keep your social media shame in check during the holidays. - Iterate Social

During the holidays, we turn to Pinterest for the best recipes, decorations and DIY projects. We gather inspiration and beautiful photos only to be left feeling like we are some sort of failure for not being able to do it as well as everyone else.

In addition to sharing festive activities, everyone is also trying to sell their products on social media platforms during the holidays. We are bombarded with cute gift tags, handmade gifts, décor and more. And blogs are booming with gift guides, recipes, DIY projects and other holiday tidbits. Case in point: I am writing a holiday post! ;)

Here are a couple of simple tricks to keep your social media shame in check during the holidays.

1. Keep it simple

I am not going to tell you to stay off Pinterest during the holidays because I know it’s super fun to gather holiday cheer and inspiration on Pinterest. I am, however, going to tell you to limit the projects you take on. It may look easy to make a wreath that is sure to ‘wow’ your guests, but, in actuality, you should thoroughly read through the post and decide if that is doable for you.

You can also decide to only take on projects that you have already decided you want to do before you get on Pinterest. Head to Pinterest if you need the perfect glazed ham recipe, but leave the peppermint chocolate, three-layer cake that you come across for another time. You have enough to do, right?

2. Reality check

We aren’t all Martha Stewart. Honestly, Martha Stewart probably isn’t fully Martha Stewart. She has a team of people who help make things happen so they can be presented to us in the most perfect beautiful way. It’s okay that all of our ornaments aren’t handmade or that our garlands aren’t perfectly hung. Furthermore, it’s okay that we don’t have all of these fun projects to post on social media for others to be envious of. Keep things in check!

3. Celebrate

When you start to feel shameful about not being able to do something, such as perfectly styling your holiday table, celebrate the fact that someone else is coming up with great holiday projects. Celebrate your yearly traditions and the fact that both you and your family shine in your own way during the holidays. Acknowledge other people’s talents and don’t forget to acknowledge your own.

4. Take a break

Remember that you can take a break. If you are feeling bad, you can step away. Or you can go to and have a good laugh instead.