10 Ways to Double Your Email Subscribers in Just Two Weeks

10 awesome tips to double your email subscribers.

Unlike social media, you have control over your email list and it stays yours indefinitely. When social media platforms (like Facebook) change your organic reach, you end up losing free access to all of your followers. Such a bummer right?

Managing your email list is also a great way to take a more direct and personal approach to engaging with people who have showed interest in what you have to say. And yes, part of it is creating a trusting relationship and turning subscribers into clients. We aren’t working for free after all!

No matter where you are in your business, it’s time to start building. Like right now! One email subscriber is better than zero, so let’s get started.

10 easy ways to start growing your email list.

1. Create a free incentive to get people to sign up. I offer a monthly pack of stock photos that clients can use on their blog or social media outlets. As a business owner or blogger, the offering should play on both your expertise and strengths.  It should also solve a problem for your potential clients.

The freebie can be as simple as a one page PDF of your top 10 tips or something as complicated as an e-book. It’s up to you, your time, and your budget. Just make sure it’s something your ideal clients or followers will find useful.

2. Once you’ve decided on your opt-in, create a teaser graphic.

canva.com and pickmonkey.com make it really easy to make beautiful and appealing graphics.

3. Create a separate newsletter landing page on your website that you can lead people to.  This invitation method creates a seamless user experience and encourages visitors to sign up. It also allows you to track conversion rates. If people are visiting and not signing up, you can easily change the page and experiment with it. Check out my page as an example.

If you don’t want to create a separate page, make sure the email opt-in is very prominent on your blog or welcome page and send them there. Have fun and get creative with it.

4. Insert your email sign up link in all of your social media bios. This is a great way to let your followers know what they get for free and lead them to your opt-in page. Adding this extra information to your bios will entice followers.

5. Add an email opt-in at the end of every single blog post. Your readers have just engaged with your content and know what you are all about so it’s the perfect time to lead them to sign up for your newsletter.

6. Send out a tweet before your newsletter goes out to tell people about your offering and letting them know it’s going out in an hour. This creates a sense of urgency.

7. Create a pin graphic that tells people what they get if they sign up for your newsletter. I use my opt-in graphic as a pin, which is similar in size. If you really want to wow you can make three or four different graphics to appeal to different audiences.

8. Insert your email opt-in link as the source for some of your pins. When people click on the pin they will be led to your opt-in page. Please don’t use this tactic on pins that promise pinners specific content. For instance, if you have a blog post pin and you link it to your opt-in page instead of the blog post it will feel spammy. We don’t want that. Pins such as quotes or photography are good pins to link to your opt-in page because they are standalone content. In other words, pinners aren’t necessarily expecting to be led to a certain page on your website.

9. Have an email opt-in on every single one of your website pages. I know it seems repetitive, but it takes a lot of reminders for people to take action. If the opt-in form is pretty it shouldn’t take away from the overall look of your site.

Extra tip on this: When you go to a website, your eye naturally scans from the top of the site to the right. The optimal placing for an opt-in is an announcement bar across the top of your site or an opt-in on the right-hand side. As long as it’s visible as soon as someone comes to your site you are good to go.

10. Get creative with the wording on your sign up form. Think about words or phrases that will make your visitors feel excited or accomplished about signing up. Hint: “Subscribe” isn’t very exciting. Yes please, sign me up; and join my tribe all evoke excitement in your potential subscribers.

A little snippet of information: I put all ten of these things in place two weeks ago and I doubled my email subscribers. So hop to it!