Entrepreneur Confessions (you are not alone)

Boss Babe Social Media Confessions - a blog post for all the Boss Babes out there.

We all have things we keep to ourselves about social media. Maybe we are embarrassed, maybe we think we are the only one, or maybe we just don't want to talk about it. It doesn't need to be that way. We can talk about it, laugh about it, and be better for it. Let's say some things out loud shall we? It's confession time!

I will go first,

I am obsessive compulsive about my Instagram account. It's not a good thing and it gets to the point where I need to take two week breaks. I agonize over the littlest details and I delete a lot of photos. I also compulsively refresh my feed so I can catch every like that comes in. You know... because if I walked away they would disappear...

The next confession is from the fabulous Tanya Geisler. She is a leadership coach and an expert in the Impostor Complex. Many successful women battle the Impostor Complex and she can help you get to the bottom of it and kick it right in the gut. 

"When it comes to Twitter, I can never seem to tell if the mic is on or off."

Tanya Geisler :: tanyageisler.com

And another confession on the topic of Twitter...

This one is from Illana Burk. She is the boss at makenessmedia.com and can help you whip your branding and business into shape. She is a no BS kind of a gal and tells it like it is. 

"I totally don't understand Twitter. Five years in and 3k+ followers, and most of the time I just get confused and kinda bored and overwhelmed there. I really WANT to get it... but it feels like standing on a subway platform and having everyone there try to get my attention all at once. And I have read all the articles and taken all the trainings and still... no idea how anyone really pulls value out of interaction there. I still hang out from time to time. But mostly I just stand there with my headphones in hoping no one asks me for money."

Illana Burk :: makenessmedia.com

Yup. I kinda feel that way about snapchat...

So let's talk Facebook...

Michelle Ward is the When I Grow Up Coach. If you're wondering what you want to be when you grow up (or how to get there) she can help you. 

"I spent $600 on a course to teach me how to use Facebook ads, and I still use the basic ad manager instead of the advance one with all the bells and whistles. That Facebook does NOT make things easy."

Michelle Ward :: whenigrowupcoach.com

And last, but not certainly not least the lovely Jaclyn Carlson who is the founder and mastermind behind Blog Society. 

"I suffer from serious social media envy. Yes, it's true, my secret shame. I know what I'm seeing is an edited and carefully curated slice of a very big picture and while my logical brain knows this, I can't help but get sucked into office envy, studio envy, and don't even get me started on styling envy. It's not a trait I'm proud of but yes we all suffer a bit of social media envy from time to time."

Jaclyn Carlson :: blogsociety.com

I will just go ahead and reiterate Jaclyn's confession word for word. Social media envy is a killer, but it's not the deep dark secret we think it is. 

I bet you are sitting here nodding your head while you are reading. If you aren't that's okay, but if you are, I want you to know that everyone else isn't a master at social media. Highly successful online business owners struggle with it. You are not alone and if we start saying these "secrets" out loud maybe social media will be a little less stressful. 

So how about it? Post a confession in the comments, tweet at me, or come on over to Instagram and let's talk it out.