Your marketing superpower!

Social media was created for you not for marketers. 

If you are here you are smart, creative, and wanted to learn something new. I trust that you are here because you have something rad to offer the world. 

Small Business Social Media Tips | Less Stupid Marketing with Elizabeth Fein

It seems too easy but guess what? THAT is your marketing super power! I know a lot of social media tips/tricks and I struggle with sharing them. Not because I don’t want you to know everything, but because I know that your marketing super power is not knowing all of them. I know that if you aren’t encouraged to hide in a box because there are big scary “your doing it wrong” monsters outside - you will have the freedom to do something truly remarkable. 

The best marketers will watch how creatives (that’s you) use social media, not the guy who wrote a book 3 years ago. Know this: They don’t hold the silver bullet, you do. 

If I told you marketing on social media is just about putting the work you already made out into the world, would that feel okay? What if I told you that social media marketing can be as easy as saying, “Hey friends, I have this cool thing and guess what? I am feeling grateful for your support, so you can have this awesome thing for $5 less today“ Would that be so bad? 

IF you are currently hiding in a box from the “your doing it wrong” monsters I want you to spend the rest of this month coming out of the box and leaving those monsters in the dust. Feel free to give them a high five when you pass them because why should you be afraid of doing something “wrong” when you are actually the one shaping how social media is used? 

The only thing that is stopping you from becoming an expert in marketing your business is the fact that you’re not doing it. The platforms are there and they were made for you (for real). You know how amazing the work you are doing is and you aren’t telling people. You have content in your head that you aren’t sharing. 

So put your cape on! 

If you are new to a social media platform keep in mind that every social media platform has free tutorials and resources to help you learn how to use it. They want you to learn how to use it. They know the new features before anyone else and they know the ins and outs of the platform because they made it! If you are looking for some easy to read, no BS instructions go straight to the source. 

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