Gratitude as a marketing strategy

withelizabethfein - gratitude as a marketing strategy

There are so many online small business owners who are being crushed under an expectation that they have created about what their blog/social media is supposed to be doing for their business. Their confidence and creativity are being crushed because the results aren’t meeting the expectation. We all want more right? More likes, followers, comments, subscribers, money, etc.

If you are at that crushing place with your marketing this one is for you – it’s start with a little gratitude.

So what’s gratitude as a marketing strategy?

Gratitude as a marketing strategy might sound a little woo woo and vague but the following is what I have experienced when you put gratitude at the core of your marketing strategy.   

Gratitude fosters connection - People online want to be recognized as much as you want them to recognize you. I have built a whole marketing strategy for a business around this idea and the results have been wonderful. Not only is the community growing at a speed hard to keep up with, we are selling product. A LOT of product. Why? Gratitude fosters connection via celebration. It feels good when a business you supported supports you back. And when you feel that emotional connection to a business it encourages loyalty, which usually results in future sales. 

What does gratitude look like in marketing content?

It looks like celebrating your clients every day. It can be an IG post, a blog roundup, etc. When you celebrate your clients in your marketing material - that gratitude and celebration will come right back at you. Clients will start publically thanking you and talking about your product/service more. Why do people start posting more? Because they feel more connected to your business and they want you to post about them! This is a cycle that I have seen over and over again. It works.

It creates social proof – When you thank a client online it gives the rest of your followers social proof that your product/service is awesome because other people have invested in it. It’s subtler than a testimonial/review but it works similarly. It’s also a more comfortable way of delivering social proof for many business owners.

It helps you keep your eyes on your own paper – if you have gratitude for your current clients/social media community it will help you focus on your own business instead of wanting more and more (which causes you to look outward).

You will gain time/brain space - Keeping your eyes on your own paper frees up an incredible amount of brain space and time in your day. Right? I dare you to keep track of the time you are spending comparing yourself to everyone else online in the name of research. If you don’t have time to post on Instagram but you have time to read your competitor’s whole blog there is something that needs to change.

It relieves some awkwardness – have you ever been at a party where you had to talk to someone you didn’t know? I am a pretty awkward person and have had my fair share of awkward conversations… Something that I have learned is that if you compliment someone it softens the awkwardness greatly. The same is true for social media. If you carve out a part of your marketing material to express gratitude for clients and your business it softens the awkwardness and you start building connections with your current clients/followers.

Gratitude as a marketing strategy is hard to find in the small business space is hard to find. I am always surprised by this fact because it’s one of the easiest and most effective ways to build a loyal/engaged online community. Consumers are craving it.