Digital Marketing Strategy


If you're looking to tackle your own digital marketing but you're wondering where to start, here and now is the place.

One offering, One purpose - To create a marketing strategy that will make your vision for your business a reality. 

Do you need help creating a sustainable digital marketing strategy?

Are you tired of hearing the solution to your marketing woes is to spend more time on social media? 

Are you ready to leave vanity metrics at the door and start using the internet as a tool to grow your business, and not just a platform to hoard followers?

If you are saying Yes! Yes! and Yes! then you are in the right place. 

To start the program off you will get a full social media and website audit. This will allow me to see where you are currently at, so I have a better understanding moving forward.

Next step is a 1-hour consultation with me. I will alert you to the things you can do immediately to improve your web presence and talk with you about your vision for your business and some short term goals to get things rolling. 

Based on the info I have collected and your goals I will write up a 6 month marketing strategy for you delivered in PDF format. You will no longer have to stress about what you are going to do next because it will be laid out step by step. 

The program will end with a 90 minute consult where I go over the digital marketing strategy I have created for you, answer lingering questions you have, and give you some tough love so you can get to work. No excuses, it's time to start implementing. 


What is a social media audit?
I look at what you are doing, where you can improve, and tell you how do it. Together we can create a social media strategy that will align your online presence with your business aspirations. 

You're not a web designer, why are you going to audit my website?
I audit your website because it's the home base of digital marketing. Effective social media marketing will lead people back to your website so you have the opportunity to give them more content or purchase your offerings. It's all connected and I look to see if all the pieces are working together. 

How is digital marketing different from social media marketing?
Social media marketing is certainly a big part of digital marketing, but it is not the only piece. It's about utilizing social media, email, your website, and other digital platforms to create leads that convert into sales. 

I am not a marketer, am I going to be able to implement this?

Absolutely. The strategy we create will be tailored to you, your needs, and your experience level. All this is is about utilizing the digital tools we have to create clients/customers. If you only want to focus on social media marketing I am right there with you. If your social media marketing is on lock down but you don't know how to create a newsletter I am your gal. 

At the end of this program you will have a sustainable marketing foundation in place, know the industry's best tips + tricks, and have the experience to move forward on your own. I will be by your side to teach you, answer questions, and hold you accountable to get those pieces in place. So let's get to work!

If you are ready to put in the investment, leave vanity metrics at the door, and start using the internet as a tool to grow your business this is the marketing package for you. 

Your investment?

$1,200 (can be paid in two installments)